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                            Your Humble Author

Mark F Yama, Ph.D.

I come to you as a University Professor and as a Psychologist with some thirty years of experience. As for the academic part my training was traditional: Ph.D. at Indiana University (1979); Post-docs at the University of Iowa and University of Texas at Austin; retraining as a Clinical Psychologist (University of Texas again); faculty member at The University of Idaho since 1987.

That’s the boring part (unless you are an academician). The genesis of my book is the interesting part: In my clinical work I specialize in chronic pain patients, and beginning around 2009 I began to encounter events through my patients which challenged what I thought I knew. I think of myself as the ultimate skeptic, and I had no particular religious message I wanted or needed to impart, but soon I was in contact with visions–actual visions of God and spirits, premonitions of the future, and an awful lot of the paranormal. I decided I should dedicate myself to telling my client’s stories as faithfully and accurately as I could. The implications really are revolutionary. They even concern such a little thing as life after death.

I rather regret that my book has been placed in the category of the “occult,” but I do understand why! It is “pretty far out there.” But know this, I only tell (and without embellishment) actual experiences of my clients (and a few friends). What I have done in the book is merely within the tradition of a work like James’ Varieties of Religious Experience.

Do give it a look, won’t you?